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Are you searching for a Thoptv App Download? Then your search might end here. Thoptv is an android app that you can download for watching movies and live TV shows. The Thoptv app is a piracy app that allows its user to watch live TV shows for free. You just need to download the Thoptv APK and then you can access live TV shows on the Thoptv app. 


Disclaimer – Thoptv app is a piracy app and we do not promote any piracy. This article is all about educating people about piracy and inspiring people to not use such apps like Thoptv.

How To Download Thoptv App?

All the live TV shows and movies can be accessed on the Thotv app. But the Thoptv app is an illegal and pirated website. That’s why users can watch live TV shows and movies for free on the Thoptv app. Also, that’s the reason why Thoptv App is not available on the play store app.

Therefore, the last thing you can do to download the Thoptv App is a search on the internet. But let me tell you cannot download the Thoptv app. Because the Thoptv app is not available anywhere the app is removed from the internet.

Thoptv Live Cricket

The Thoptv app can also be used to watch live cricket. You can watch any cricket match for free in the Thoptv app and you can also watch IPL live matches in the Thoptv app. You can also watch highlights of cricket matches or any other sports in the Thoptv app.

Thoptv Pro App

The Thoptv Pro app gives a lot of premium options to its users as compared to the Thoptv app. The Thoptv pro app gives a greater experience of watching live cricket, TV shows, and much more.

But the flaw is that the Thoptv pro app also cannot be downloaded as same as the Thoptv APK.

Thoptv PC Download

The Thoptv APK is an android app. But you can also watch live Tv shows and movies on the PC through the Thoptv app. Therefore, you have to download the Bluestacks software on your PC and search for the Thoptv app.

After that, if you find the Thoptv APK file download it and if you don’t find the Thoptv APK file, then you cannot download the Thoptv APK on the PC.

Should You Use Thoptv App?

So whether you use the Thoptv app or not it’s up to you. But in my opinion, you should not use apps like Thoptv because the Thoptv app is pirated and illegal app. Apps like the Thoptv app are illegal platforms that steal content and provide free movies and web series to their users.

That’s why you should not watch live tv shows, movies, web series, or live cricket in the Thoptv app. You can also know by the fact that the Thoptv app is not available on the internet. Therefore it’s high time you should stop using apps like Thoptv.

I have also shared more details about some other pirated websites which you can check –

  1. 123 MKV
  2. Tamil Play
  3. MKVCinemas
  4. Filmygod

Thoptv Alternative

As of now, you know that Thoptv is a piracy app. You can watch live cricket, Tv shows, and movies on the Thoptv app but all of these are illegal. That’s why I want to give you a legal alternative for the Thoptv app which you can use for watching live cricket and Tv shows legally.

  1. Netflix
  2. Amazon Prime
  3. Voot
  4. Hotstar

These are only a few apps that I have mentioned from you can use to watch movies, Tv shows, and live cricket online.

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